About Eileen

Eileen Kesner is a Texas-based artist, author, and self-taught chef with a passion for spreading the joy of creativity to others. Born and raised in the South, Eileen’s style is heavily influenced by Southern culture, but her love of traveling has opened both her studio and her kitchen to a wide variety of worldly inspiration. You’ll find a little bit of everything in her work, with pieces of art full of texture and color, and recipes designed to encourage loved ones to gather around the table to share a meal and linger over good conversation.


As an artist all her life, Eileen realized early on that much like creating a painting, the process of cooking is every bit as imaginative. Whether you are blending paint or ingredients, seasoning with color or spice, perfecting texture on a canvas or in a dish, the artistry runs through both processes in a similar manner. Eileen hopes her work can inspire others to find ways to express themselves creatively in everyday rituals, such as cooking, and reap the therapeutic and mindfulness benefits that come from it.